Astral Pathways.net is an active archive and directory in support of the professional work being done in astrology and the intuitive arts.

It is a way for practitioners to promote their work, and for us to help our website visitors find reputable practitioners in a range of important personal-growth disciplines.

As well, Astral Pathways posts the best of what’s out there on the Internet about astrology, intuitive arts, and feng shui. In our new library, we also feature other disciplines such as numerology, tarot and clairvoyant readings as well as studies in mythology and historical cultural history.

The Astral Pathways web creator is a long-time student of astrology and the intuitive arts, and she’s a great editor.


  • DIRECTORY: Every potential service for inclusion in this astralpathways.net portal will be reviewed and vetted before being actively posted; practitioners will only be billed if your services are of reputable standard.
  • LIBRARY: Writers and specialists may submit articles for publication.
  • SELECTION CONSULTATION: If you’re seeking a practitioner for the first time, or looking to change avenue, we offer the Reader Selection Consultation service.