Insights about you or your business are provided in reports to support your process of success with relationships, careers, and financial goals. We use intuitive skills to develop custom reports.

These reports offer insights, not predictions. The goal is for you to do your own work toward greater success in your own personal or corporate life. Only you ultimately know the right path. But life is messy and sometimes we get distracted, way-laid, obstructed, manipulated or lost. These reports are intended to support your path by providing guidance that is developed using intuition, clairvoyance and access to higher realms.

Nothing wonky or weird. Information is gathered intuitively and brought into plain language using a range of higher-mind disciplines. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, time and dimensional inquiry are some of the methods. We might also use a range of tools like astrology, tarot, and feng shui. No religion, no platitudes. Just information that can be used in practical ways. The power is in you. We quote: “Physician, heal thyself.”

Be part of the shift: We are in a complex world that is now actively shifting from love of greed to a desire for wholeness. These reports help you successfully navigate this shift.

As a client for these life coach services you can inquire for yourself, your family, or on behalf of a business or organization that needs an alternative rethink on corporate direction and goals. | See Contact & Payment.

Private & Confidential. We work by email only. This helps assure anonymity and confidentiality. Inquire to reports@astralpathways.net