Contact & Payment

TO BE LISTED IN THIS DIRECTORY: Send an email to to request a directory posting within

Pay your setup fee:

  • INTRODUCTORY (for one year): $132.87+GST Cdn
    • This includes the ad setup/design, and placement within this site.
  • Renewal:  (for your 2nd year): $255+GST Cdn
    • If you’re renewing (at the higher rate), it’s because you have benefited by inclusion in, which is awesome!
    • You can request changes to your existing ad, as required.

We will build you a small digital ad (300 x 300 pixels) to represent your website or service. Your ad will be placed in the Directory including a link to your website, Twitter or Facebook page, or email address. You’ll receive an email with confirmation of your directory posting, with a receipt for your payment.

The rest is up to  you… people who visit your website or contact you online will then be doing business with you directly.

TO SUBMIT AN ARTICLE TO OUR LIBRARY: Qualified writers and practitioners in astrology and the intuitive arts may send us a query, to have an article considered for publication. If accepted for publication, you will be billed a $60+GST Cdn submission fee, and receive some guidelines for how to format your article.

TO REQUEST A READER-SELECTION CONSULTATION: Pay $39.95+GST Cdn (see payment options below), then email us at with your situation and what sort of reading experience/outcome or reader qualifications that you’re looking for.

How to pay:

When you receive your invoice from Astral Pathways, please make your payment by one of these methods:

  1. E-Transfer: Using your web-banking, send your e-transfer to 
  2. Credit card by email (Visa or MasterCard): To do this safely, send your card information in 3 separate emails (card number, expiry date and name as appears on card, then 3 digits as shown on the back of the card) to .
  3. Credit card online using the Brookeline Boutique shopping cart (this option coming soon).

Astral Pathways is a division of Brookeline Publishing House Inc, a registered corporation in British Columbia, Canada.