Welcome to Astral Pathways.net


AstralPathways.net has been a long time in the works.

But we are emerging fresh out of the gate in January 2023 with this active service to professionals in the astrology and intuitive arts, including a wide range of disciplines including feng shui, tarot, and many others.


It is our hope to responsibly celebrate these crafts and professions by hosting this directory of practitioners and services, here at astralpathways.net as a way for Canadian and worldwide audiences to find validated, authentic and trustworthy practitioners and resources in these fields.

If you are a practitioner in one of these fields, please visit these pages for more information and how to set up your ad in this directory (just a one-time booking for a full year).


Got questions? Please email to Paula at reports@astralpathways.net .

We look forward to a co-supportive working relationship with you as you further your work in these important areas of human understanding.

AstralPathways.net is a division of Brookeline Publishing House Inc, which has been producing a range of print and online publications on Vancouver Island, BC since 1995.